Website Builds Your Dream Music Festival Lineup Based On Spotify Habits

How often have you daydreamed about what your ideal festival would look like? Do you ever wish a festival curated a lineup solely based on the artists you listen to? Well, good news: there’s a site for that called Festify. Furthermore, it can help you with building the lineup of your dream festival, based on your listening.

Notably, Festify takes your most-listened-to Spotify artists and creates a visual lineup that you can share with friends. Although Festify started in 2017 as a class project, the app has been linking Spotify listeners with their dream festival lineups for over 2 years.


Although Festify is a fun app to pull your wildest festival lineups, it doesn’t actually have any affiliation with Spotify. Namely, the site creates a special lineup for you with your top 24 artists. It generates lineups with these artists from the past month, past six months, and of all time.

Check out Festify now, and start making your dream lineups today!