Green Valley Brazil Wins DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs 2020

DJ Mag decided to carry on with their Top 100 Clubs Poll despite the Coronavirus outbreak situation, which has forced many clubs to close temporarily. In this year’s edition, Green Valley Brazil took first place for their third year in a row.

DJ Mag Announcement

The prestigious magazine DJ Mag closed their Top 100 Clubs chart after receiving votes for almost 4 months. In this year’s edition, many clubs from a variety of countries are included, with some of them growing really fast over the last few years. If you have the time, please lend a helping hand to the industry. Check out the various ways to support in DJ Mag’s article.

The Final Results

Brazil’s Green Valley took first place on the chart and retains the title for the third consecutive year. The South American country is developing a growing scene and showing much promise in the nightlife scene.

Spain had a total of 11 clubs on the list, most of them in Ibiza, but also with representatives in Madrid and Barcelona, proving the country is a wonderful destiny for clubbing tourism. Hï Ibiza, Ushuaïa Ibiza, Fabrik, and Razzmatazz are some of their more prominent clubs.


The UK also has a huge representation in this chart with 12 clubs thanks to their impressive scene that continues to grow. It is also a great place to party with venues such as Printworks #5, Ministry of Sound, and Motion Bristol amongst others.

The USA also has a decent number of outstanding clubs. In particular, Echostage took 3rd place on the list.

Many European countries like Germany, France, Belgium, and Greece also have impressive clubs that received massive support from their fans. Berghain and some Croatian clubs also did a great job this year.

The Asian club scene is continuing to evolve and improve. Many clubs in China, South Korea, Singapore, and Japan also made the list.


Here are the top 10 in this year’s edition. You can check the full list here.

  1. Green Valley, Brazil
  2. Hï Ibiza
  3. Echostage
  4. Ushuaïa Beach Hotel
  5. Printworks London
  6. BOOTSHAUS, Germany
  7. Papaya club, Croatia
  8. Berghain | Panorama Bar | Säule
  9. ZOUK, Singapore
  10. Octagon, Seoul