Burning Man 2020 Could Still Be Happening

A bird's eye view of Black Rock City on August 31, 2019

Against all odds with the coronavirus pandemic, Burning Man 2020 is attempting to go on. They are “proceeding with caution” towards Black Rock City.

Set to take place Sunday, August 30th to Monday, September 7th, their announcement comes with ongoing monitoring. No one knows when the all-clear will sound off for the world, so the Nevada Festival is giving us sensible warning.

Like everyone else, they watch, read, and listen for any new information to emerge. Striving to understand what this outbreak means for the world, families, and communities is the goal. Part of their initial statement on the website reads:

“We believe the responsible course is to proceed with caution and not make a premature decision one way or the other. For now, we are going to continue to thoughtfully and mindfully prepare for Black Rock City 2020. [We’ve] reached out to our government partners and have been working with state agencies in Nevada. We recently announced our Black Rock City 2020 Honoraria recipients and released our callout for designs for civic plazas near the Man Base. We will continue to consider the facts and make thoughtful, informed decisions about next steps.”

You can read the full statement here. We expect them to take this situation seriously and take the necessary proactive steps to ensure the attendees and staff are safe.

Rumors of returning to normalcy span from May through June but there is no real answer right now. The pandemic left the festival sector devastated, and put many artists, industries, and people out of work. Stay tuned for our updated list of canceled and postponed events. Will Burning Man 2020 be the kickstarter to our season returning?

As Always…

We know it’s been a wild time waiting for events to get back. So, let’s do our part and make sure we’re keeping to code. These events depend on it.