French DJ/Producer Tchami’s label, Confession, is back at it. The house label just released the last album of the famous Alchemy series. The new album, titled The Final Alchemy, is the seventh edition of this collection – one that’s been deemed one of the best compilations in house during recent years.

Alchemy compilations are, without a doubt, one of the pillars that has established Confession’s slot as one of the biggest house labels in the world. Known for always bringing up-and-coming underground talent into the spotlight, it’s home to some of today’s most massive artists. For The Final Alchemy, seven tracks have been hand-selected by the house don and future house creator Tchami himself. Bass house, future house, G-house and many more make their way into this excellent compilation.

More On Confession

The iconic label was founded in 2015 by Tchami. Since then, it’s released some of the most recognizable house tunes from notable artists including Malaa, Dombresky, Dillon Nathaniel, Nitti Gritti, and many more. Now, with The Final Alchemy, they enter the party ready to take over 2020.

The Final Alchemy‘s tracklist is as follows:

1. MASTERIA & AceMyth – Do It

2. ZOOTH & ESH – Ride Or Die

3. Kohmi – Don’t Stop

4. Spinstyles – Crazy

5. JC Ordonez – Bounce That

6. Cloverdale – My Soul

7. KIIDA & ALEX – Pupsick

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t get better than this. You’re probably tired of hear me saying it by now, but 2020 is the year of…You guessed it. House. Artists take onto their DAWs in order to create new music, fresh music. Music that will make billions dance around the globe. And well, we can definitely count on Tchami and Confession bringing the fire when the time comes.

What are you waiting for? Go listen to The Final Alchemy NOW! Dive into the full tracklist and check out the compilation here.