Another EDC Update But No Decision

Recently, Pasquale Rotella released a new update on this year’s EDC Las Vegas. Due to the devastating situation with COVID-19, fans have been concerned about whether Insomniac‘s popular music festival will take place. One-by-one, music events from all over the globe have been either canceled or postponed due to the serious illness and headliners are afraid that this one is next.

Although Rotella has assured future attendees that the festival will, as of now, take place as scheduled, there is still a major possibility that it may be postponed. Due to the unforeseen future of the coronavirus, only time will tell if the EDC Las Vegas May dates will happen. As Rotella states in his statement:

“We want to have EDC Las Vegas as soon as it’s safe to do so. Right now no one can predict when that will be. That’s why we’re taking things day by day – still working toward May but keeping our options open. Some people can only see worst-case scenarios, and here at Insomniac, we plan for that. But it’s equally important to keep the faith, stay strong, and be flexible.”

Pasquale Rotella explains that although Insomniac has been pressed to change their EDC Las Vegas dates, they believe it is best to make the decision later on. “…we don’t want to make a premature decision on moving the EDC date – or worse, picking the wrong postponement date.” He continues, “With all the changes currently happening, we need some time to pass so that we can have clarity and make the best decision for EDC and all of you.”

What Happens if EDC Las Vegas is Postponed?

In case EDC Las Vegas is postponed, Rotella has shared that there are contingency plans for June dates and fall dates. Future Headliners will be informed about 30 days before the original date about Insomniac’s final decision. In addition, refund details will also be released for those who are unable to attend the new dates.

Payment plan cancellations have also been frozen due to default on layaway plans. This means that ticket purchasers will not be affected if they are unable to pay for a monthly payment.

Stay tuned for more EDC Las Vegas updates.