Bassnectar Teases New Music, Secret Album and Sharing Livesets

Ridding the world of coronavirus is certainly one thing to look forward to, but that definitely isn’t all there is. Just earlier today, Bassnectar had announced via Twitter that he will be releasing “tonnnns of music… mixtapes, an entire secret album,” and possibly some set recordings from the last few years. In Hi-Res A/V too!

Bassnectar had started the year right with an insane New Year’s Eve 360 Countdown party (watch below!), setting the tone for what would’ve been a highly eventful year. Needless to say, coronavirus concerns have put a minor damper on that, to say the least. But at the moment, the American DJ is still working towards Bass Center XIII, scheduled to take place from September 11 to 12 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The impressive lineup includes Angelic Root, CloZee, DC Breaks, G Jones, Ivy LabPotions, and of course the man himself.

Check out how fans celebrated the first moments of 2020 with Bassnectar below!