After a series of mini-releases, the Barong Family’s highly anticipated Hard in Bangkok LP is out now! The Yellow Claw label family got together to create a banger-packed album. Inspired by the city of Bangkok, Thailand, the compilation consisted of a production camp of 14 artists where they shared ideas, collaborated, and made insane music. We’ve provided the track list below for your convenience:

1. Yellow Claw & Dither – ‘Let There Be Bass’
2. Rawtek & Nonsens – ‘Temple’
3. RayRay & Dither – ‘Tuk Tuk Terror’
4. Psycho Boys Club & Sihk – ‘Spicy Curry’
5. RayRay & Bellorum – ‘Neon City’
6. RayRay & Crisis Era – ‘Naughty’
7. Rawtek & Stoltenhoff – ‘Energy’
8. Yellow Claw & Radical Redemption & Lil Texas – ‘Beat Your Mother’
9. LNY TNZ & Rawtek – ‘BKK to LA’
10. Yellow Claw & Juyen Sebulba – ‘Supernoize’ (feat. RayRay)
11. Crisis Era & Rawtek – ‘Ill As This’
12. Sihk & Stoltenhoff – ‘Tom Yam Disco’
13. Radical Redemption & Nonsens – ‘Beat Hotel’

Hard in Bangkok has it all from kickin’ hardstyle, dirty trap, and booty-shaking bass. Label creator Yellow Claw made appearances on 4 tracks, starting with ‘Let There Be Bass‘ with rawstyle master, Dither. Other artists on the album include Lil Texas, Radical Redemption, RayRay, Crisis Era, Stoltenhoff, Rawtek and LNY TNZ.

Hard in Bangkok has something for everybody. I personally can’t wait to see what exotic location inspires the next compilation. But for now, enjoy the unexpected collaborations and crazy drops. Thank you Barong Family for delivering EVERY TIME! Stream Hard in Bangkok here or down below.