Fans are sure to rejoice as Paul van Dyk joins the realm of artists demonstrating their love for music (and their fans!) on Valentine’s Day with a new release, ‘Duality’. This marks the second single from his upcoming album Guiding Light, which is set for release this April.

An album that channels the German DJ-producer’s personal experience – namely his horrific on-stage accident back in 2016 – into an artistic and inspirational musical expression, Guiding Light invites fans to be a part of Paul’s highly personal journey. (See the full track list below!)

With that, his latest single ’Dualityis a track that marks the first step of his recovery process. Taking cues “from his awakening” and “how he began to confront the [gathering awareness of his circumstances],” the track features a relentless dynamism representative of optimism and perseverance. A harmonic undertone resonates throughout, marking Paul’s desire to resolve the duality between the mental and the physical.

“Duality is a state of mind you find yourself in. The brain is still echoing the strongest signals of how you’ve become used to seeing yourself, completely fit and vital and able to do everything. The truth is that your body is not currently capable of doing all those things, putting you in a surreal existence. This track is about starting to resolve that duality”.

Paul had released the first single off his forthcoming album, ‘Parallel Dimension,’ back in November. Inspired by another moment of his horrific yet miraculous experience, ‘Parallel Dimension’ references the time he had spent unconscious after the accident.   

While we wait for the full album to drop, check out ‘Dualityon your favorite streaming platform. Or even catch Paul on his Guiding Light tour if you’re in the United States this month!

Guiding Light Full Track List

01. Paul van Dyk & Vincent Corver – Deep Within
02. Paul van Dyk & Sue McLaren – Guiding Light
03. Paul van Dyk & Saad Ayub – You Found Me
04. Paul van Dyk & Shedona – Exhale
05. Paul van Dyk & Will Atkinson – Awakening
06. Paul van Dyk & Danny Eaton – Remedy
07. Paul van Dyk & Elated – Parallel Dimension
08. Paul van Dyk & Kinetica – First Contact
09. Paul van Dyk – Duality
10. Paul van Dyk & Eugenio Tokarev – Resource
11. Paul van Dyk, Steve Dekay & VISION X – Impact
12. Paul van Dyk & Bo Bruce – Covered in Gold (PvD Club Mix)
13. Paul van Dyk & Vini Vici – Galaxy (PvD Club Mix)
14. Paul van Dyk & Chris Bekker – Velvet Sky