Matt Fax Announces Jason Ross Tour & Releases Lead Album Single “Animal”

22 year-old French Progressive & Trance prodigy Matt Fax just announced he’ll be supporting Jason Ross on his ‘1000 Faces Tour’ and released the lead single from his upcoming second studio album. “Animal” features a superb vocal performance from Australian singer & songwriter Trove and is out on Enhanced Music’s Colorize sub label. 

Fax grew up in a very small town in France and was discovered at only fourteen years old but despite that, he didn’t succumb to the attention and decided to instead take his time to master his craft. Now, having transformed from a shy boy who had never left France to a world-traveling artist, he’s finally ready to deliver a work of art that can stand the test of time with his upcoming second album.  

Matt is known as a prodigy in the Progressive scene, having already been invited by Armin van Buuren to play the Progressive stage at ASOT 900 and having been the youngest guest mixer ever on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy podcast. He’s part of a “second wave” of young French artists like Petit Biscuit and Kungs who are following the path of French veterans like Daft Punk and David Guetta. Some of his most well-known songs include “To The Ground,” his 2016 breakout song “Careless,” and “The Noetic” with BT. Check out his new single and pick up tickets to the “1000 Faces Tour” here.