Pioneer’s XDJ-XZ Joins The Virtual DJ Race

Pioneer DJ just released a new piece of gear in the last few weeks, the XDJ-XZ. It is a brand new, controller hybrid unit that runs as two standalone decks with two external inputs. We know some may have mixed feelings about this, but fear not, as it is getting full virtual DJ 2020 support.

News of Virtual DJ support for the XDJ-XZ is significant because it means software integration in a key way. The controller already looks more like a full hardware integration and less like MIDI control. The all-in-one system offers a solution for DJ’s playing on USB, rekordbox or Serato DJ Pro. It includes:

  • Virtual DJ’s waveforms on touch screen
  • Full-sized jogwheel from the NXS2 line that includes waveforms, album art, BPM, time, pitch, deck number, etc
  • 4 channel mixer section + feedback suppression on dual mic channels
  • Supports Pro DJ Link to sync audio + effects

Meaning, you’ve got the hottest gig ready powerhouse. What you’d expect is what you are getting.

Keep your eyes out for the public beta of Virtual DJ 2020 next week. For anyone interested in getting the real thing, purchase units in the DJ Tech Tools store here.

This should come to us as positive news because it is a new integration and software support that DJs ultimately want. It breathes new life into their hardware launch as well. Think about this: you can deliver DDJ-1000 and NXS2 experiences for everyone, including software users. Now we just need to wait and see what other companies join Atomix in new support hardware.

Ultimately, Pioneer decided not to fashion a four built-in standalone deck XDJ so let’s make the impossible possible — digitally.