Dombresky Drops Amazing New Track ‘Housology’

Man, I love Dombresky. The producer from Paris released his new track ‘Housology’ yesterday. ‘Housology’ was released through American label Insomniac Records. It’s the first Dombresky song of 2020.

House Don Dombresky is back, and he brings new fire for 2020.

Dombresky’s first track of 2020 is an amazing song. ‘Housology’ is not a track as strong as some of Dombresky’s hits such as ‘Hostyl’, ‘Utopia’, and ‘Soul Sacrifice’. Instead, it has a calmer, chiller, and more tropical vibe to it. Its rhythm will no doubt make you feel like you’re on a beach, enjoying a nice cocktail, and riding with the sun. This track sounds similar to some of Benny Benassi’s tracks, such as ‘Love Generation’. With this vibe, Dombresky really opens up a new paradigm for his essence as an artist. For a DJ who brings house into a whole new level and sense, opening to the many subgenres house offers is one of the best transitions available.

What Else Is Exciting About Housology?

After enjoying this masterpiece, you might be thinking: damn, I need more Dombresky in my life. Well, I got good news for you. As you might have noticed, this new Dombresky’s track cover is something you’ve seen before. That’s right, the cover is the same as Dombresky’s last single ‘Trust The Process’. Both tracks sound similar in regards to the exuding vibes so there might be more to these two tracks that there’s shown.

When Dombresky announced ‘Trust The Process’, the whole thing felt more like an album announcement than just a regular track release. Dombresky announced a whole tour, and everyone went home happy. Fast forward to ‘Housology’. With both tracks featuring the same cover, could we be expecting an album? Hopefully, yes. If not, let’s just hope Dombresky will continue to bless us with more music throughout the whole year.

Stream Dombresky’s new track ‘Housology’ in the link below!