Wax Motif & Taiki Nulight Unleash Divided Souls Heater: ‘Skank N Flex’

At last, the collaboration we’ve all been waiting for between Wax Motif and Taiki Nulight is here. As the third addition to Wax Motif’s very own imprint, ‘Skank N Flex’ is out now on Divided Souls. Featuring a potent melody laced with Scrufizzer’s cutting lyrics, ‘Skank N Flex’ is the birth child that defines the Divided Souls sound. What started as a casual tease on the dancefloors, swiftly built into a raging hurricane with ‘Skank N Flex’ being the eye of the storm. ‘Skank N Flex’ combines the best of both worlds from two top-notch, Night Bass brethren, G-house dealers into an intoxicating concoction that’s undeniably hard to put down.

When Divided Souls came to life in August 2019, Wax Motif (Danny Chien) went in with the intention of connecting two fields of interest in both house and hip hop music. Divided Souls aims to combine and push the boundaries between multiple genres. From featuring Diddy in ‘Divided Souls’ to paying homage cues to Missy Elliot in ‘Lose Control’ with Matroda, Wax Motif is steadily launching a new era to his sounds. Taiki Nulight’s signature sounds in UK Garage and house music also set a big mood for this song.

‘Skank N Flex’ effortlessly fuses refreshing elements between Wax Motif and Taiki Nulight. There’s something about this dynamic sound from the UK scene that is procured from Taiki Nulight and Scrufizzer’s presence on this track. Scrufizzer’s vocals have graced several other bass house tracks with AC Slater, Vato Gonzales, Motez and more.

‘Skank N Flex’ opens up with punchy percussions that mingle with a playful, slow-rising hymn of building synths. Scrufizzer’s rhythmic vocals make way into the song, launching an energetic buildup. Like a beautiful typhoon, waves of big bass notes crash into the drop. This is a song that will make you want to “bill up, bill up, and boogie to the one jam” on the reals.

Stream/Listen to ‘Skank N Flex’ Here: