Cercle Announces Its Second Festival After Huge Teaser

Cercle is hosting another festival this May 2020.

Last week, the French livestreaming brand took fans on a wild ride through space and time for over 30 minutes for a special announcement. It was probably the biggest strangest teaser of all time.

Everyone was speculating about a very special location for a Cercle episode. With the hints in the teaser, we all thought about a NASA location, the ISS, or -even if it seems quite impossible- the moon.

Today we know more about what Cercle had in store for us. It is their second Cercle festival ever, and it will be taking place on May 30th & 31st 2020. The place, the National Air and Space Museum of France in Le Bourget.

The lineup has already been announced and it has some awesome handpicked artists. The Cercle Festival will have headliners like Amelie Lens, Artbat, Charlotte De Witte, Black Coffee, and many more. In addition, a special act will be delivered and is called “Cercle All-stars“, this will probably be a huge back to back by the DJs already on the lineup or maybe surprise guests.

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Cercle Festival 2020

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Tickets are not on sale yet but they will be soon. In the meantime, you can find more details about the event on the Official Facebook Event page. You can also pre-register here.

Cercle had already organised their own festival last year but it turned out to be a misfire with many issues. Since then the brand did not announce any similar events. We hope that all will go well this time for Cercle, and especially for their fans to have the perfect Festival experience.