Cercle took fans on a wild ride through space and time for over 30 minutes, to announce an announcement. It might just take the cake for biggest strangest teaser of all time.

With a mysterious video and message, Cercle got us all hyped this morning. At around 11am EST, the countdown appeared out of the blue leading to a 52 minutes and 54 seconds video. A live video began at the beginning of the universe, literally and ending at a date. However the ride to end was so long and meandering, commenters said it felt like an acid trip.

No actual announcements were made and it got us confused.

The video at first was a travel through time at the birth of the universe, showing the evolution of the cosmos, the beginning of life on earth, all the way up through humans reaching back to spaceflight. Afterwards, the video got rapidly very weird and rambling. There was a span of over 10 minutes basically showing a flight takeoff, fly to an uncertain location, and land. Then we got clips from industrial sites, planes, airports, flights and weird music cuts.

After only 10 minutes, we were confused about where this was going and what was the point of the whole video.

By the end of the live, few phrases were repeating, “Man on the moon, first human step” and one date was showing, Wednesday February 12.

It seems like there will be something involving space or perhaps even a world tour, as the flight highlighted several cities. All will become clear next week.

Will we notice a Cercle from the moon? No clear clues were there, even after 1 hour of a trippy video, but we will know definitely more next Wednesday.

Cercle had already organised their own festival last year but it turned out to be a nightmare full of problems. Since then the brand did not announce any similar events. They launched last year a platform to allow its fans to suggest new locations where they would like to see their favorite DJs.

Many amazing places have already witnessed a Cercle event, but many more are to be discovered, check their videos here.

Today with this move related to the moon, Cercle is probably taking the game many step higher.