If perfection could be translated into music, Zeds Dead’s latest album would be at the forefront. It’s been four years since their last album Northern Lights released, so ZDF is in for a treat. Today, the duo dropped We Are Deadbeats (Vol. 4), which features 14 killer tracks with an eclectic roster of artists/friends. The album contains collaborations with a handful of artists in the Deadbeats family, including Holly, DNMO, GG Magree, and Champagne Drip.

In the weeks leading up to the album drop, Zeds Dead released their collaboration with Subtronics, ‘Bumpy Teeth’, ‘Dead of Night’ with Ganja White Night, and ‘Sound of the Underground’ with Urbandawn. ‘Shake’, ‘Rescue’, ‘Lift You Up’, and ‘Stars Tonight’ were released prior to the news of the compilation album.

Among the songs dropped are long-awaited ID’s we’ve heard sprinkled throughout Zeds Dead’s sets and Deadbeats Radio episodes. One of these is their collaboration with Loge 21 and Polina, who the former was featured in one of their earlier Deadbeats Radio episodes. Their track ‘Just Wanna’ grabs you with an euphoric house beat. Another unexpected collaboration is their song with Deathpact, ‘Ether’. As if you found yourself in an old horror movie, the track explodes with a dark and heavy bass drop. Lastly, the great Omar LinX is back with ‘Leave You in The Ground’, bringing his familiar lyrical style with powerful force.

Hard beats or melodic tunes – this duo can do it all. You would think a compilation album like this would not have consistency due to the variety of artists who contributed to it. However, the album does seem to have a cohesive vibe; as a whole, you can distinguish a ghoulish vibe in each song. Leave it to the long-time duo to find consistency in a compilation album.

As someone who’s been listening to the duo since their Northern Lights album, this new one is absolute perfection. You can never be disappointed with a project from these two, especially when it’s been 4 years in the making.

Check out Zeds Dead’s new album, We Are Deadbeats (Vol. 4) down below: