The Electronic Artists We Love at Coachella 2020

Holiday season has officially come to an end. We threw away our Christmas trees, stored our decorations back into closets, and we no longer receive “red cups” when we order our favorite Starbucks drinks. It may seem like festive times have come to an end, but for So Cal, festive times are just beginning.  Festival season is right around the corner, and what better way to launch it than with the drop of Coachella’s 2020 lineup. Coachella announced their 2020 lineup just a couple of weeks ago and as usual, it is stacked. Amongst the hundreds of acts chosen for this years lineup, EDM is well represented throughout. Here are some of the electronic music artists we are excited to see this year.

1. Calvin Harris

In 2016, the electronic music sensation filled the Empire Polo Fields with dance-pop hits that made you want to sing at the top of your lungs. Four years later, Calvin Harris is making his return. However, this time, it seems that he may be curating something a little different than what fans may expect. Just today, Harris dropped his new EP under his alias, Love Regenerator. Inspired by the old-school sounds of house and techno, Harris seems to have taken a creatively different direction with his music. Hopefully, his Coachella performance will include these acid house tunes and more. 

2. Peggy Gou

Fans love Korean, Berlin-based DJ Peggy Gou for her colorful, groovy sounds that bring a modern feel to old-school. In the past years, Gou has been turning heads with her eclectic personality and versatile talent. Her music and live sets consists of disco, house, and techno with soft vocals that makes everyone fall in love. Her sounds mixed with the impressive “nightclub-style” environment of the Yuma tent where she will be playing in April will make for an unforgettable Coachella performance. 

3. Flume

The people asked and the people received. Grammy-winning, electronic king, Flume, will be returning to the fields this April and its something you don’t want to miss. In 2017, Flume won the Grammy for “Best Dance/Electronic Album” with Skins and in 2019, he followed by (some might say) an even bigger creative milestone with his album, Hi, This is Flume. With both these albums, Flume showcases his obscure beautiful sounds that have pulled him into the spotlight for years. “Come watch me break things at Coachella”, Flume tweets. Watching Flume get aggressively pour out his heart to his music? Count us in. He is truly one of those electronic artists at Coachella that you do not want to miss.


If you look through this year’s lineup, you may notice the lack of dubstep DJ’s. However, look again, and you will see Slander, the dynamic duo from Los Angeles that has been shaking the ground-and the electronic music scene-with their sounds. They started off with, what some may call, “heaven trap” which was a heavy combination of trap and trance music. As these two have shifted with the scene, they have created some of the most fiery, gut-wrenching bass songs with dubstep DJs, RIOT and Spag Heddy. Of course, they still stay true to their roots with a series of melodic dubstep songs such as ‘First Time’ and ‘Love Again’. It is evident that Coachella chose these boys for a reason to represent the dubstep scene and for being their first time in the desert, we can expect nothing less than a bone-chilling performance.

Check out these electronic artists and others at Coachella 2020.