JBL has just released Gareth Emery‘s full Master Class, available for your usage below! This is great news for any fans of the British producer, especially producers looking for content to improve their craft.

Before Gareth, it was Jauz and Luca Lush who delivered their Master Classes. This took place in the JBL Pro Experience Center in L.A. For both artists, the classes were a combination of walk-throughs of their tracks along with sharing their stories and industry insights.

On the other hand, Gareth Emery focused more on specific topics like vocal processing, beating perfectionism, deep work. Afterward, he gave many tips that serve as a list of golden rules of production.

The last portion of the Master Class focused on Q&As. The producer answered various questions about melodies, songwriting, working with vocals, focusing on music vs. marketing, the order of finishing a song, layering and experimentation, using Cubase over Ableton, production vs. DJing, DJ etiquette, and the importance of a melody.

This section is a goldmine of insightful tips and information, and any producer should definitely give it a look.

JBL master class Gareth Emery

The JBL Master Class series is a product of JBL Pro, aiming to expand its presence into the hip-hop and electronic music scenes. According to JBL Pro Head of Artist Relations Aasheesh Paliwal:

The JBL Masterclass is a monthly event series we started this year in which we find an established artist in the hip-hop or dance music space to come and speak about their career, share insights into their creative process, and give advice to aspiring artists.”