Porter Robinson Shares Playlist of Tracks That Inspired New Single

Porter Robinson has gifted us with a Spotify playlist centered around his new track ‘Get Your Wish’, released earlier this week.

The new release comes from his sophomore album ‘Nuture’. Naturally, we’re feeling like kids on Christmas morning this week!

Titled ‘cherished music’, the playlist is described as his current sense of what’s beautiful. Porter is a known lover of video games, anime, and Japanese culture, and unsurprisingly his list features a number of songs from Japanese artists with a distinct dreamy and upbeat vibe. This sits alongside more familiar names including Madeon, Bon Ever and Jacob Collier.

“here’s a lil playlist around “Get your Wish” that features many of my favorite songs. if you want to understand my current sense of what’s beautiful please listen – i’ve cried to so many of these”

Earlier in the week, Porter shared a heavy but hopeful Twitter post. The emotional post provides us with insight into his new track and his 6-year hiatus. Touching on his struggles with writer’s block, depression, and hopelessness, it’s clear Nuture is close to his heart.

If you need us for the next few hours we’ll be lost in Porter’s cherished music universe. The first track after Porter’s own is ‘Make Me Cry‘ by Jacob Collier. Porter, we’re sure you will!