Porter Robinson Premieres First Single From New Album

Porter Robinson is finally back with ‘Get Your Wish‘ off his upcoming album titled ‘Nurture‘. This marks the first release under his own name since ‘Shelter‘ with Madeon came out. The artist’s return has been heavily anticipated by his fans while he looked towards the Virtual Self alias. Moreover, it has been a long wait since his last album, ‘Worlds‘ saw its release in 2014.

He described the origins of the new single on Twitter. He opened up about his writer’s block and his mental struggles to follow up on his groundbreaking debut album. He then pens a beautiful little description of his own goal creating music, touching a feeling all of us have probably felt before. That same feeling we got seeing WORLDS live.

Porter Robinson’s music exists in many facets, and ‘Worlds‘ felt oriented towards fiction and imagination. Even with bare exposure to what the project revolves around, the teaser video divulges a mental image. A dichotomy appears to meld together colorful images based in nature, warping with the digital and musical. Akin to that image, Porter’s music often glides the seams bordering fiction and reality which gleam through his emotive productions.

In the meantime, there is little known about Porter’s intentions with the project, and silence in the way of touring. Nonetheless, we’ll be looking towards any upcoming releases off ‘Nurture’ to see how its sound shapes up to be. What’s also worth mentioning, is to keep your eyes peeled on Second Sky Festival since it’s returning in 2020.

Listen to Porter Robinson’s ‘Get Your Wish’ off the upcoming ‘Nurture’ album below!