Malaa – Bling Bling (2020 Remix)

The masked French producer is back in 2020 with new music and touring at a city near you. Malaa has released a 2020 remix of his 2018 track, ‘Bling Bling‘. While the original hits in all the right places with brain tingling synths, the 2020 remix takes a darker turn. It starts off about the same but features a thick bassline for the first drop. A light snare accompanies the deep bass as well.

The 2nd drop will also capture your ears with different supporting beats in the background. This marks Malaa’s first release of 2020 and will hopefully be a good sign of things to come for the notorious artist. We may not know who he truly is, but we do know he can make us all groove like no other. Especially when he and Tchami come together, there is no better show in dance music.

The “criminal” artist has been known for his on-stage antics. He always makes sure to swig some Jack Daniels and light up a cigarette to add to his mysterious vibe. He is coming off a solid 2019 with releases like Revoltand his collaboration with Rezz, ‘Criminals.’ Malaa will be going on tour in February if you want to hear this track live. He will also be making his Coachella debut later this year!

Make sure to check out his 2020 remix of ‘Bling Bling’ below.