Malaa Staged Own Arrest At Bassmnt San Diego

Apparently, in 2019 even DJ’s can be arrested at the most inconvenient times. While performing at Bassmnt in San Diego Malaa was arrested on stage during his set. Fans captured video of the masked DJ/producer getting taken into custody. However, they have been quick to point out some inconsistencies.

The first thing to point out here is that the arresting police officers did not remove Malaa’s mask prior to cuffing him and escorting him offstage. Since Malaa wants to keep his identity secret since it is a key element of the Malaa brand, it would have made for a convenient oversight on their part. In addition, none of the officers tried to stop the audience from recording the scene. It’s seemed that fans were encouraged to get as much captured. It has also been pointed out that one of the cops was recognized from a viral video and is an actor.

This stunt definitely fits well within the rest of the themes around the Malaa project. Between projects such as Illicit EP and Illegal Mixtape, the G house/bass house artist certainly hasn’t tried to avoid any association with crime.

If Malaa’s arrest at Bassmnt was indeed a performance, it begs to ask what sort of announcement will follow in the coming days? Will he admit to the stunt or is something else coming?

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