Kygo’s Remake of “Forever Yours” by Avicii and Sandro Cavazza Out This Friday

Kygo just announced today that his tribute remake of ‘Forever Yours‘ will be released this Friday January 24.

‘Forever Yours’ is originally a track by Sandro Cavazza (singer in ‘Without You‘) and co-produced by Avicii. I was rumored that while Kygo and Sandro worked on their single ‘Happy Now‘, the Norwegian artist got to finish what Tim started. Today the rumor is confirmed. In addition, the track was played at Tim’s tribute concert as a tribute by Kygo & Sandro.

Moreover, ‘Forever yours’ got leaked last year along with other Avicii tracks. Having it officially released is great news.

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January 24th.. This one is special ❤️

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The cover of ‘Forever Yours’ is a map with mark points. These points represent the Route from the Crowning of Prince Liam Tour. The track was written during this road trip that went from LA to Ultra 2016 in Miami. Liam is Avicii’s Puppy that he brought along with him on that trip. Sandro Cavazza was part of the trip, and Avicii ended-up playing the unfinished collaboration in Ultra but never released it.

On the other hand, with this release, Kygo makes his dream of working with Avicii in the studio as close to reality as it can be.

One of my biggest dreams was to get in the studio with Tim. But unfortunately we never, you know, got to do that. So when he (Sandro) sent me that song I felt like that was the closest I could get to collaborate with Tim.


While we wait for the official release of ‘Forever Yours’, you can listen to the acoustic version here and watch the official trailer just bellow.