Griessmuehle Creates “Save Our Spaces” Campaign Amid Closure Fear

Recently, several clubs around the world have been forced to shut down or are in immediate danger of closing for good. Griessmuehle, a beloved club in Berlin, could be next as the business warned the public in an announcement. The iconic club launched a campaign named “Save Our Spaces” just before we entered 2020. Griessmuehle’s SOS reminds the public of the freedom and central community found in Berlin and their clubs.

 “It’s time to respect the clubs as they are, to acknowledge our cultural contribution and to give us a permanent place to exist.” 

The “Save Our Spaces” video flies over the Griessmuehle property, ending with a bold SOS painted on the roof. Furthermore, it’s important to note that the video and campaign name promote not only saving Griessmuehle but other clubs as well. While Griessmuehle fears closure, many other clubs could be in danger of closing their doors as well. In all, the campaign promotes a positive movement and unity for all clubs.

Currently, it is unknown how severe and how much time Griessmuehle has before possibly closing its doors. Earlier this week, the Berlin club shared the campaign video on its Instagram account, writing – “It might be our last New Year’s Eve.” According to their website, more information will be provided in “early 2020”. Keep your eyes out on their social media accounts to stay up to date.

Griessmuehle is widely known in Berlin for its beautiful location and of course, night time club life. The club itself is not in your average building either. Instead, the club is formed within an old grain mill next to the river. It features an expansive exterior garden with water views, perfect for summer nights. Watch the campaign video below to learn more about Griessmuehle.

Save Our Spaces – Campaign Video