Burning Man is continuing its full-force efforts to prepare for this year’s 2020 Multiverse theme. Following the recent announcement of its new temple design, Burning Man has shared the new base of the Man. Each year, Black Rock City watches the Man burn. The Man is the central and most certain thing nestled within the heart of the playa. Its burning also signifies the end of the week-long counter-culture experience. Just as temporary as the city itself, the man will burn at the end of the festival. Burning Man founders have selected artist Kate Greenberg’s design, the pavilion, as the new Multiverse Man Base.

Greenberg’s pavilion will serve as the intersection of five bubble universes. Playing alongside the theme of the multiverse, the Pavilion is a wooden structure that represents five bubble universes, including four entryways that surround The Man. The five universes will be held in suspended animation at the center of the Burning Man Multiverse. Four entry portals will connect to the center of the structure, where visitors can enter and view The Man. At the center, Greenberg calls this, the fifth cardinal direction. Through this portal, viewers can see a mirrored Man looking back at them, as well as a mirrored version of themselves. Greenberg writes, “In this Multiverse, YOU are the Man. The Man is YOU.”

To see more of the Pavilion design and other submissions, visit the Burning Man Journal here.