At last, the king of High-Tech Minimal is back to grace our ears with a magical new release. For those who follow this majestic, jester mask wielding German DJ and producer, this track has been rinsed through a multitude of his sets over the years. Finally, Boris Brejcha sets sail on an official release of ‘To The Moon And Back’ featuring Ginger, the love of his life. Get ready to gear up for yet another massive release from Boris Brejcha.

‘To The Moon And Back’ is an 8-minute long, hypnotic roller that utilizes Brejcha’s signature sounds. This track encapsulates a darker, more foreboding, sleeker vibe than his recently released tracks. There’s definitely a more progressive build that carries itself throughout Boris’ journey to the moon. Haunting modular bass lines are laced over aggressive, 80’s inspired synths. Marching through the song, Boris deploys sensibly built drum patterns that ricochet against glitchy bass and stabbing synths. Staying true to Boris’ form, the groove of this track is dark but somehow stays bouncy from start to finish. By using properly placed rides and percussion, ‘To The Moon And Back’ keeps listeners locked in until the end. All in all, this track is an exemplary showcase of Boris Brejcha’s emotional work. His masterful blending of ingredients with dark lows meeting playful mids helps to complete the story to the song.

‘To The Moon And Back’ follows the release of his recent songs like ‘Lieblingsmensch’, ‘Never Look Back’, ‘Happinezz’ and ‘Gravity’. It will also wrap up as the final teaser track from his forthcoming studio album, Space Diver, out soon on January 24th via Ultra Music.

Stream/Listen to ‘To The Moon And Back’ here: