AirPods Sales Generated More Money Than Four Social Platforms Combined

Nowadays, it is extremely common to see people using wireless headphones – they are everywhere. This social phenomenon has only been accelerated by the launch of AirPods by Apple. With its second version of the ridiculously popular product the AirPod pro, Apple continues to dominate the electronic headphone realm. A study reveals that the sale of this particular item generated more money than Spotify, Twitter, Snapchat, and Shopify combined. And that is insane.

2019 has been definitely a great year for Apple, majorly thanks to the popularity of the headphones and the engagement that almost every Apple user has to the brand. Despite many attempts from rival tech companies that have tried to replicate these headphones, Apple still leads the pack. Apple’s sales data also proves that the launch of this product was a great success, and we know that Apple will only continue to evolve.

Kevin Rooke, investment specialist and co-founder of blockchain marketing agency agency0x provided some sales data. Apple sold an estimated 60 million units in 2019. From there, they decided to go a step ahead and introduce the higher-priced AirPods Pro for $250. Along with accelerated marketing techniques and improvements to the product, Apple has produced an even more successful product. Ultimately, Rooke’s estimations state that AirPods revenue was around $12 billion in 2019.

“AirPods sales are growing at triple digit rates each year. In 2018, AirPods revenue grew 133% over 2017, and in 2019 AirPods revenue was up another 128% over 2018.”

Kevin Rooke @kerooke

From a revenue standpoint, Rooke suggests these wireless powerhouses could even overtake Uber this year. Will AirPods/AirPods Pro follow its ascending trend this 2020? Stay tuned.