Even though the new year has just started, 2020 is already packed with a ton of new music. Joining the pool of new releases, American DJ/producer Jason Ross gifted the world his brand new EP, 1000 Faces. The long-awaited EP released on Seven Lions’ label Ophelia, and includes collaborations with many of Ross’ friends. Seven Lions, Dabin, Dylan Matthew, Emilie Brandt, and Fiora are all featured inside this EP.

With some of the biggest artists inside their genres right now, 1000 Faces incorporates many styles into one cohesive piece of work. Trance, future bass, and melodic dubstep all come together – each of the featured artists make a vital contribution with their own talent and helps make every song an incomparable mixture. Furthermore, the album is exquisitely crafted. Ross has a knack for creating a connection with the listener. As a result, 1000 Faces is a quintessential EDM EP.

1000 Faces – Opinion

After listening to 1000 Faces, all I knew is that I needed more. Thankfully, Ross himself announced the full 1000 Faces album will be out on January 24. Waiting for this new album will without a doubt be an excruciating experience. However, knowing that it is close definitely makes it better. Ross takes some of the newest and most loved genres and fuses them with some of the old classics to create what will go down as one of the best albums of the year. To sum it up, 1000 Faces is an amazing EP. Most importantly, it has really achieved its purpose. At least it has for this writer.