Mat Zo Calls Out DVBBS For A Twitter DM

Mat Zo was feeling less than jolly on December 23 when he called out DVBBS with a screenshot of the message they sent him.

Zo didn’t specifically call them out by name in the tweet. However, he gave a hint as to who it was by calling out the spelling.

In the tweet, Zo says, “Don’t ask to collab if you have a ghost producer, 1.5 million fake followers and a V pronounced as a U in your name.”

In the DM screenshot, you can see that Zo’s name is spelled wrong. Zo also stated in the tweet that he doesn’t collaborate with people he doesn’t know. In a follow-up tweet, Mat Zo says he found out that many fellow producers have received the same message or similar.

Zo’s screenshot is cut off so you can’t see who sent the message. But many in the replies suspect DVBBS is behind the message. Since Zo’s tweet, DVBBS has not responded to the post.

While the overall tone of Zo’s tweet wasn’t positive, many fellow producers poked fun at the tweet. Svdden Death replied asking to collaborate.

While this Twitter beef doesn’t have much more grounds for drama, Zo, the Games‘ producer, has taught us two things from the encounter: don’t spell his name wrong, and don’t use ‘V’s as ‘U’s.