[EVENT REVIEW] Resistance Caps Off Amazing Year Lighting Up ‘Resistance Mexico’

2019 was an amazing year for house and techno. Both genres acquired even more relevance throughout the year as more and more artists put out some of the biggest tracks in the industry. Now, whenever you talk about house and techno music, there’s one event that comes into everyone’s mind. Resistance, the techno-house oriented festival managed by Ultra Music Festival, had a huge year. They capped off this season and their Latin America tour with one of the best events Mexico City saw this year: Resistance Mexico.

Resistance Mexico: The Ultimate Techno-House Party

December 7, 2:00 PM. The event started off with some local talents showing their talent and skills to warm up the crowd. Arcex, Quinema and Tony Diaz were chosen to get the people in the mood to dance their bodies off. Next up would be Sandro Bianchi, the Italian, raised-in-Madrid DJ who delivered an amazing multi-genre infused set that hit well with the crowd. After such a great start to the event, there was nowhere to go, but up.

Afternoon Falls, And With It, The Party Grows Even Bigger

As the sun began to set, the crowd was in the mood and ready to keep the party going all night long. French legend Shiba San took the stage to deliver a powerful set filled with his strong, dark beats. Up next, hailing from Brazil, DJ/Producer Wehbba took the stage. His heavy techno set was enough to fill the whole place, as the people danced and enjoyed getting absorbed by the music.

Night Falls Down

Finally, the darkness of the night took over the place. Removing shame and adding a rave-like feeling, Resistance Mexico peaked to its highest point. It was at this moment when Luciano took the stage. After a surprise sets time switch, the DJ was ready to make up for the change. He went on to deliver a set filled with some crowd favorites such as ‘Cafe del Mar’ and ‘Tracey in My Room’. After this perfect set, Spanish DJ Wade took over, and, handling an amazing Tech-House set and perfectly timed samples, completely tore down the place.

The Finale Everyone Was Waiting For

Finally, as a new day began, and with it, one of the most awaited DJs took over the stage. German DJ/Producer Claptone took the stage at an event filled by people wearing the DJ’s signature golden mask. After an amazing intro, the DJ delivered a great, dance-infusing house set. ‘No Eyes’ and ‘Liquid Spirit’ were some just some of the tracks the people had been waiting for all night long, and they showed their approval screaming, singing and dancing even after ten hours had already gone by.

Claptone Resistance Mexico
Claptone delivered one of the best house sets Mexico City saw this year

Finally, we reached the final set of the night. The legend DJ Sam Paganini was in charge of closing the night. His set was deemed by many as “the best of the night”. For the last two hours, the Italian kept the crowd dancing all over the place. The event came to an end, and the people left the place, happy to be able to experience such a great night.

In Conclusion?

Resistance Mexico was an amazing event. Every single one of the artists completely dominated the place. The event gathered thousands of fans from two of the most explosive genres in the EDM industry. For a while now, both house and techno have been seen as elite genres in Mexico. The best clubs play these genres, igniting the city night after night. Now, Resistance finally brings the party into the open air.

Without a doubt, Resistance will stay here for years to come, and we’re sure, the party will only grow bigger and bigger. Mexico has joined the resistance, are you ready?