Anjunadeep 11 To Be Released In 2020

Above & Beyond’s sub-label will be giving us a great start to the new year! On February 7th of 2020, Anjunadeep will be releasing its 11th compilation. These are always enjoyed by all Anjunafam around the world. Although we were gifted with Anjunadeep 10 in 2019, the 9th collection was released way back in 2017.

For this 11th compilation, it will be mixed by Anjunadeep’s Jody Wisternoff. The English producer is no stranger to the deep house and progressive genre. He has been lending his talents to these compilations numerous times and has been involved with Anjunadeep since 2013

Alongside Jody, James Grant, brother of Above & Beyond’s Jono Grant, will also be providing his input. Some well known artists are on the tracklist including Qrion, Luttrell, Nox Vahn, Lane 8, and Ben Böhmer.

Our ears will be very content for 2 hours and 39 minutes! This release has a total of 38 tracks and you can pre-order the compilation here and, of course, it will be available to stream on all platforms.