Alison Wonderland Attends Star Wars World Premiere Thanks to Her Baby Yoda Visuals

Alison Wonderland recently attended the world premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. The reason why? Her Baby Yoda visuals that were a part of her show in Brooklyn, New York got her an invite.

The latest Star Wars character to become an internet sensation is the Baby Yoda from Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. The internet went crazy due to the little pocket of cuteness – posting endless memes and clips of the mini jedi knight.

Alison, who has never been afraid to declare her love for Star Wars on social media, could not resist catching onto the wave. Shortly after her Baby Yoda visuals went viral, they caught the eye of executive producer of the Disney+ series, Jonathan Favreau. He and his team then sent Alison an invite to the premiere on December 16th and the rest is history.

As seen in her recent pictures from the premiere, Alison is definitely living her best life.

Alison will be performing in Tokyo which is the next stop on her Wonderland Warehouse Project Worldwide. So if you want to see the cute Baby Yoda visuals in person, purchase tickets here.