You Need This €1350 Rave Whistle By Gabber Eleganza

Forget about classic merch and clothing. Gabber Eleganza has what you need: a limited edition, 925 silver rave whistle. It’s the item that you never thought you needed, but that will make you shine in raves (for a cost of $1,490).

Maybe jewelry and rave never made it to the same article in the past, but that’s no longer the case today. The Italian producer teamed up with London jewelry designer Joy BC to make this 40-units-only piece.

The whistle isn’t just an emblem of the times as it cuts through the air and digital noise, it’s also a bespoke piece that heralds back to traditions that are as much tribal as they are cerebral

Gabber Eleganza

The whistle represents anarchy, revolution and the sound of your mother telling you to get home after playing outside after 9pm

Gabber Eleganza

If you want to get your hands on this rave whistle, or just feed your curiosity, check it out here.