The Chainsmokers Bring Out Blink 182 to Reveal Collab

We knew it was happening, but it was just a matter of when. Now we know that, and we know what it sounds like. The collab between The Chainsmokers and Blink-182 is set to be part of ‘Wolrd War Joy‘, The Chainsmokers’ new album.

The Chainsmokers ft. Blink-182

Last Tuesday, Blink-182 joined The Chainsmokers for a premier live performance of their collaboration. The track’s name is “P.S. I Hope You’re Happy“. This took place during World War Joy Tour when The Chainsmokers were playing in Los Angeles.

To make the collab perfect, Andrew Taggart and Mark Hoppus teamed-up for the vocals. The legendary band brought their rock-music-touch to The Chainsmokers’ electro-pop production, making this track without any doubt, an absolute future hit.

Wolrd War Joy‘, the new album by The Chainsmokers is set to be released on December 6th. 6 tracks out 10 are already out, the last one was “Push My Luck

Who thought that years after the shoutout for Blink-182 in “Closer“, a collaboration would come to reality. Now, another amazing track adds-up to this huge album. See you in one week for the full album’s review, in the meantime, check out the video below.