Porter Robinson’s Reaction To Madeon’s Good Faith Is Everything You Want It To Be

We all know music is a business. Competition rises from all over the place, sometimes showing the bad side of people. However, there are cases that allow us to see the good that remains in this industry. Porter Robinson and Madeons friendship might just be the perfect example of this. This Friday, French DJ/Producer Madeon finally released his brand new album Good Faith. This album has been years in the making, and the results do not disappoint.

Madeon comes up with a perfect sound design, beautiful transitions, exquisite melodies and an altogether a perfect album. After producing such a magnificent piece, there was nothing left to do but see the reaction from the rest of the world. Praises have arisen both from inside and outside of the EDM industry.

Good Faith cover
Madeon returns with one of the best albums in 2019, Good Faith

One of Madeon’s closest friends, American DJ/Producer Porter Robinson, shared his review of Madeon’s new album on Twitter. The artist wrote:

“My good friend Madeon’s album “Good Faith” which he’s been developing for years and years is finally out and it’s just incredible just listen to it it’s so good”

Along with this Tweet, Porter decided to share some extra thoughts.

Porter Robinson tweets about Madeon's new album
Friends since they were teenagers, Porter Robinson decided to share his huge excitement for Madeon’s album with all of us

Safe to say, Porter Robinson is in love with Madeon’s new album, and so are we! But, most importantly, isn’t this what we want from our industry? DJs and Producers living together and sharing the love as friends, while we, the fans, get to share this beautiful industry and experience with them? Good Faith brings not only new music to the table, but hopefully, also a new feeling of Good Faith across the industry. With this release, we can only pray that the next time we hear from Porter Robinson and Madeon, it is for them to let us know the duo is back.

Madeon – Good Faith