Dabin Confronts Redditors Throwing Shade Over Guitars

There’s no secret that the DJs of today love to unleash their inner rockstar. Whether it’s a Skrillex crowd surfing sesh, or drenching fans in champagne like Aoki, artists love leaving the confines of the DJ booth. Is this the manifestation of years of studio isolation and tech-nerd pigeonholing? Honestly, who really cares- the fans eat this stuff up. At least, most of them do. So, before the march against lute injustice could galvanize, Dabin confronts Redditors about his rockstaresque guitar bashing atrocities.

Certainly, Dabin stays busy tearing up charts and stages while destroying dance floors with copious amounts of melodic proliferation. No wonder he’s gatewaying into alternative forms of artistic destruction. Very recently he took bass-heads back to the future with a fresh speaker smasher on ‘One That Got Away‘ However, he’s currently supporting Illenium on his Ascend Tour and routinely takes the stage briefly to deliver fans a blast from the past. Besides that, he audaciously did it in slow motion. Seemingly, this axe thrashing has gone on consistently without much fanfare. Therefore, it’s unclear if extraneous events could also be partly behind why Dabin confronts the Reddit army. In any event, following the Dallas show, Redditors harmoniously howl their “Hold my beer!” rallying cry before stretching out their fret fingers to descend upon their keyboards.

Dabin confronts Redditors angered by his string of recent violence against guitars.

The Clap Back

After just a few responses to the thread, the shade starts to converge with one commenter calling him a “cornball.” Apparently, that C-bomb is the final straw. At this point, Dabin confronts the group with a very matter-of-fact yet polite response to his guitar sympathizing critics. He briefly explains his role in the show then explains his affinity for giving back to the music community. Furthermore, he sets the record straight on whether or not he’s smashing his performance guitars (an obvious no). Although, he confirms that a sacrificial guitar is a standing rider request. Next, he assures fans of his intent to do a guitar giveaway when the tour wraps up. Finally, he closes out the post with an apology to those offended by his actions. Check out the full thread here. After this drama, we’ll definitely be waiting on pins and needles to see if another guitar meets a similar fate.