Phondupe – Fangtooth

Sydney producer, Phondupe, is back with a brand new track called ‘Fangtooth’ released on Air Con Records. The artist has been making noise all departments of the musical spectrum as he has been releasing singles left and right preparing for his debut album as well as being on the verge of announcing his upcoming tour.

Phondupe has been producing interesting sounding electronic tracks that blends genres. Previouisly, the artist released his acclaimed track, ‘Abyssal -4000’ which fuses the sounds of ancestral folk and sparse electronica. His latest track, ‘Fangtooth’, features his own distinguishing vocals while incorporating all types of percussion sounds throughout the track. When speaking on this new track, Phondupe stated the following:

“Fangtooth is about facing up to the things you’ve been avoiding – and being scared at what you find.”

Phondupe is getting ready to release his debut album called ‘ONYKIA’ and even announce an accompanying tour. While we await more exciting news from the artist, check out ‘Fangtooth’ below now!