18 Months Later, Datsik Returns With Apology Video

It’s been a year and a half since Datsik, one of dubstep biggest names, was accused by multiple women of rape and sexual assault. What could’ve been a long, bright career vanished in less than a month. Now, after 18 months of solitude and quietness, Datsik is back.

The Comeback

After updating his profile picture, Troy Beetles, better known by his stage name Datsik, posted a 7-minute video on his Facebook page. In the video, Datsik provided an explanation of the problems he has been dealing with. Among many other things, he blamed touring and anxiety for the situation he found himself in. The artist declared:

“What seemed like a quick solution actually ended up being a prescription for a major downfall. It was a very slippery slope up there and I see that now when I think back on it all. I apologize for my poor behavior and the reckless lifestyle that ended up having a detrimental effect on my relationships. It’s a lifestyle that I’m no longer practicing and one that I’ve worked very hard to overcome.”

Datsik's New Profile Pic
After 18 months, Datsik is back

What’s Next For Datsik?

There was not a single mention regarding the victims or accusations the DJ faces. Months before, multiple chat screenshots surfaced showing that Datsik was planning a comeback. Many media, artists, and former fans have reacted negatively to these declarations. However, there’s been a number of hardcore Datsik fans who have shown support and happiness in the Dj’s profile. The truth remains, no one has actually come forward or pressed any actual charges against the DJ. We will have to wait and see how the whole industry, and Datsik himself, behave inside this whole whirlwind of craziness.

Watch Datsik’s apology video below