Martin Garrix Drops A New Anthemic ID With Matisse & Sadko

Martin Garrix and Matisse & Sadko have collaborated on some of our favorite songs in the past few years. This past Halloween weekend at Freaky Deaky festival in Chicago, Martin Garrix dropped another amazing ID with the duo. Anytime these three get together we are in for an incredible progressive house experience.

Rumored to be titled ‘Hold On We’re Almost There,’ the track has the signature sound of all their past work. Previously tested out at Amsterdam Dance Event, we can expect this one to be in his rotation from here on out. ‘Forever‘, ‘Mistaken (feat. Alex Aris)‘, and ‘Together’ are just a few of their past collabs.

If one thing is for sure, this is not the last track we will hear from these three artists. Everything they produce seems to take over the dance music world. When this one drops for real, it will be no different from the rest. Check out ‘Hold On We’re Almost There’ live below!