Madeon’s Long Awaited ‘Good Faith’ Is Finally Out

Madeon – Good Faith

It’s finally November 15th, and the anticipation for Madeon‘s album release is finally over since ‘Good Faith‘ is out! Before-hand, we received the first three tracks off the album, ‘Dream Dream Dream‘, ‘All My Friends‘, and ‘Be Fine‘.

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A Nod To The Past

Moving forward from a generally beloved and acclaimed album like ‘Adventure‘ is certainly no easy feat. For that, I must admit to wondering as to where Madeon could go next after such output but maintained an open ear and mind. As a common theme with many musicians, there is the belief that too much time spent without releases could mean doom to any career. While that may be true, Hugo and a few handful others are clearly an exception to the rule if there really is one. Quite frankly, the gravitas a project like ‘Adventure’ held required a lot of time to begin aging. With that in mind, it’s still a reference album that can’t seem to lose its value with time. This is specifically noteworthy because so many creatives become defined by a certain body of their work. If any of the first three releases off ‘Good Faith’ are an indicator, this is truly something different, in the best way possible.


Dream Dream Dream

‘Dream Dream Dream’ is surreal…truly a beautiful celebration of sheer joy and weightlessness. The track emanates of hope, from the ethereal vocal chops to the stark synth pads and leads. “I feel the weight of my dreams” is a line that resonates within and places much of the surrealist perspective.

All My Friends

Being the first released track, it rose to and beyond most fans’ expectations. It’s no secret that the artist enjoys pop, and he’s created one of the best summer tracks mostly alone. Vibrant and groovy bass-lines dominate the movement while juxtaposed lyrics lie above. The essence of joy is retained alongside a fateful sense of lingering pressure from eyes peeled towards him.

Be Fine

Depending on the perspective you take it from, this can either be a mantra or a bad sign. On the track, Piano chords dive into a sliding guitar and a harmonizing choir which soon subsides. From there, serene vocals develop towards an enveloping chorus with a sharp-edged lead synth. On first listen, the track had me smiling ear-to-ear, but the more I heard it, the more there was to it. As time passed, the track seemed to hint that being fine can sometimes mean neglecting troubles with a guise. Topping that, the presence of multiple meanings and takeaways only continues to build within ‘Good Faith’.


Nirvana‘ begins through a droning bass and pads while Madeon sings a line on top. “Only there, can we find it hard to breathe” bridges to crashes atop an arpeggio leading to a new sound. Snappy, clean hi-hats break into trenchy melodies layering a coercive rhythm. It brings out a sense of trouble off-put by the burst of melodies evoking power within the idea.


Seamlessly following suite, a hard-hitting snare moves alongside rolling abrasive bass. Coming off that, phased reclusing synth tones duck into an ephemeral punching branch. Onward, vigorous rising leads work in tandem with robotized notes for surging energy. As ‘Mania‘ might suggest, it fixates on rapidly alternating points of vigorous emotional movement. Bringing an idea forward, ‘Nirvana’ and this track seem to converge within a consecutive sense.


Miracle‘ immediately resonated with its adorning light pads, strings, and lyrics through tuned vocals. Subsequently, it wraps around sublime airy breaks invoking an infectious rhythm. Alluring, that’s one way to put it, refined at the hand of contrasting deep longing and sweet melancholia. However, it doesn’t end there as a warming guest vocalist receives the lead covering a sedating piano.

No Fear No More

This one starts off with snappy percussive elements and pulled contaminating funky synths. Transitioning from a deep seldom state of asking for a ‘Miracle’, a promise arises, ‘No Fear No More‘. “Just like before” evidently portrays the emotional cycle and understanding the important nature of its existence. A highlight on the track, a forceful piano sways within powerful rhythms peaking at a glitched stringy breakdown for the conclusion.

Hold Me Just Because

Melancholia and a sense of longing strike again, but on a strikingly different note. This time, reflection seems to root itself within this chapter coming to a distant realization. ‘Hold Me Just Because’ presents a calming sense as the resonant lead guides the swaying melody. Onward, the chorus grows broader incorporating horns by Brasstracks. With that, it begins to feel like the point of moving forward as the next track comes to play.

Heavy With Hoping

Working through a passion-filled ballad, ‘Heavy With Hoping‘ strings along with a buoyant inflection. Sunken, a sensation entangles making the notion of hope itself overbearing, yet maintains room for more meaning. There’s a place in which the fulfillment of that hope can either be detrimental or invigorating. The sensation alone can also be heartwarming, but no matter the case, an internal release is fast-approaching. Wrapping it whole, slow-paced evolution brings it to bubbling plucks which soon transcend into luminescent ones. Concluding, the metallic sharp lead peaks the track as it lowers into its end.


Finally, reaching the end of ‘Good Faith’, ‘Borealis‘ names itself after an aurora more commonly known as northern lights. Hearing the album, it’s immensely colorful whether through emotive elements or sonic ones. Delving, it paints the beauty of potential and passion guiding towards achieving fulfillment. No matter the darker notes and sharp edges, there’s evidently a transcendent theme seeded. On the track’s front, Madeon’s vocals and lyrics merge with a graceful dazzling instrumental. Finalizing, a wishful pad brings it all back, as the track leaves room for a quiet point of reflection giving contextual light to the journey thus far.

Aurora Borealis

Wrapping Up

‘Good Faith’ truly has the weight of passion behind it and is an immaculate body of work. Evoking multiple meanings, it seems to always find its way back to joy and where its found. Throughout, even when being fine can come from the wrong things, it can still pull back allowing joy to filter through. More specifically, even the sadder takeaways often come across and self-reflective, leading further into a cycle that seems to end with a realization. That alone can be a source of joy, maybe even a stronger one than obtaining the feeling through more positive means. Referring back to the mention of ‘Adventure’, it needs to be stressed that ‘Good Faith’ is absolutely different. Actually, there’s hardly a point of comparison. Madeon exclaimed that he was making fiction, but now is attempting to bring up a sense of reality. Whether he said it or not, this is very clear as the thematic points presented have grown up alongside him. Even at its surreal moments, ‘Good Faith’ has ground within reality and is a remarkable achievement for the artist.

Final Remarks

Giving ‘Good Faith’ a few days to stew with his fans, Madeon is doing a Reddit AMA on November 18. Head there and ask him any questions on your mind

Madeon freshly kicked off his Good Faith album tour, and you can find tickets to see the new live show in the link here.

Listen to Madeon ‘Good Faith’ below!