Electronic Music Exhibit Coming to Design Museum

The new Design Museum exhibit ‘Electronic‘ is ready to take you deep into the nightclub scene. The exhibit, slated for next April, wants to show you “how electronic music rewired the world”.

Those planning to visit the exhibit can expect to learn about electronic music’s global impact in an immersive experience. ‘Electronic’ will transport you to nightclubs in Detroit, Paris, Berlin and more. In these clubs, you’ll learn about the people, art, technology, and photography that shaped the music landscape.

In addition to the clubs, visitors can enter a 3-D Kraftwerk experience. The experience includes mesmerizing installations and the stories behind instruments used.

Furthermore, the exhibit will feature the likes of Jeff Mills, Ellen Allien, Jean-Michel Jarre and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. The French DJ and producer Laurent Garnier created a genre-spanning soundtrack to accompany the exhibit.

Graphics from Peter Saville, large scale images from Andreas Gursky, DJ masks and fashion were all supplied to complete the ‘Electronic’. The exhibition itself is by the Musée de la Musique – Philharmonie de Paris.

Early bird tickets will be available starting November 20th, however, the exhibit will not open until April 1st, 2020.

Those planning on visiting the London-based museum housing ‘Electronic’ have until July 26th, 2020.