Lane 8 – Don’t Let Me Go feat. Arctic Lake

Lane 8 – Don’t Let Me Go feat. Arctic Lake

One single after another, Lane 8 makes his upcoming ‘Brightest Lights‘ album more compelling with ‘Don’t Let Me Go‘. With it, he adds another band to his album’s list of collaborations by featuring Arctic Lake. Preceding, we got to hear the title track alongside his ‘No Captain‘ collaborator, Poliça, and the bright ‘Sunday Song‘ which released via his own This Never Happened imprint.

‘Don’t Let Me Go’ delightfully embellishes the positive note which Lane 8 is trying to strike on with his upcoming album. Kicking off, plucks and pads paint a weightless ethereal sound that reconciles into the vocal. Emma Foster‘s murky and warm singing emotively delivers as the track builds. Constructing the chorus, effervescent bouncing synths join snappy percussion including distant chopped vocals for a joyous sense of expression.

Including this track, each release from ‘Brightest Lights’ so far showed mesmerizing artwork. This seems to be playing on a natural balance between peace and joy with a sense of surreal perspective. Putting it into perspective, each artwork’s bright lights seem to not only illuminate the dark but puts it into a different context changing how it’s viewed. As Lane 8 mentioned, it’s about trying to see the world in a positive light, and it truly feels ingrained into every facet of the project.

Lane 8 will be embarking on a tour in support of his ‘Brightest Lights’ album in early 2020. Announced as the first support act after his ‘Pantheon‘ EP, Jerro will be joining him on a few dates. Soon-after, Le Youth was added trailing the release of ‘Aquiver‘ on This Never Happened. A couple of stops are already sold out, so get your tickets before missing out here.

Listen to Lane 8 ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ featuring Arctic Lake on This Never Happened below!