deadmau5 – SATRN

A fan favorite by deadmau5, ‘SATRN‘ is now officially released on the artist’s own Mau5trap imprint. It’s inspired by the new Cube V3 and has been a staple of his live set which is recognizable.

‘SATRN’ begins on a soft, light drone which integrates piano chords alongside a synth and sub. In continuation, the track avails itself as a progressive builder invoking layers as it goes by. Bringing the kicks into play, ‘SATRN’ presents a consistent bass-line while brighter contrasting plucks remain above. Overall, it allows itself to breathe through a dynamic sound marking another great mau5 release.

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SATRN is out 😀

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Not long ago, Sam Sheffer interviewed deadmau5 on his YouTube channel in regards to the work that went into the Cube V3. From there, the video deconstructs the mechanics and idea behind the gigantic structure. Getting to appreciate the work and effort that went in, it’s on surprise the track was inspired by it. You can watch the video below!

Now that ‘SATRN’ is here, there are still a few tracks which fans have been waiting on such as ‘Coasted’. However, for the time being, the only official way to hear them is through his shows. To catch deadmau5 on tour with his Cube V3, visit the website linked here.

Finally, Listen to deadmau5 ‘SATRN’ on his Mau5trap imprint below!