Autograf ft. Jared Lee – Ain’t Deep Enough

Here’s a new upbeat track from Autograf featuring the vocals of Jared Lee. Titled ‘Ain’t Deep Enough’, it is the first track to come off of Autograf’s forthcoming album, ‘The Ace Of You’. Using a deck of tarot cards to tell our own life story, this is the first stop in their storytelling journey to us.

This first track immediately sets the tone with upbeat grooves, warm chords and dynamic vocals by Jared. The piano introduction flows into the lyrics as the accompanying percussion follow. Listening to the lyrics, you can hear how powerful, emotional, and groovy it is. Did we mention we are obsessed with the piano riffs? It will surely bring the heat and soul on rooftops or in the club every time.

Jake Carpenter, Louis Kha, and Mikul Wing make up the trio known as Autograf. Their futuristic house/tropical house style brings sexy back to the genre. Always trying to take house music to another level, they are giving us new tunes. As the enigmatic, dreamy house group of today, their mission to awe and inspire us through visual art continues.

There is no release date for their upcoming album but judging from their post below, we expect great things from it.

We see this piece’s release on Armada Music as its words fill our hearts with deep house vibes. Take a listen below and let us know what you think!

Autograf, Jared Lee – Ain’t Deep Enough | Buy/Stream