Australian Man Attempts to Smuggle Ecstasy Under Foreskin Into Festival

An Australian man was caught attempting to smuggle ecstasy into Melbourne’s Listen Out Festival back in 2018. What sets this drug bust different from the rest, is all where he decided to hide his stash. With a bold imagination, concreter Benjamin De Luca hid his ecstasy under his foreskin. We didn’t even know that was possible but will believe the law enforcement’s written report.

Unfortunately, this isn’t some cruel April Fools Joke we’ve planned out. According to the Geelong Advertiser, De Luca was stopped at the gates by police sniffer dogs. The trained police dogs did their job and were able to sniff out the drugs in the large public space. Common sense would also tell you that De Luca had a slim chance of making it by as the dog’s noses were pretty much at the same height as his beloved drugs.

Still thinking he was going to make it through, De Luca did not admit to carrying any drugs until police finished their search. When searched, officers were understandably shocked to find one-and-a-half MDMA tablets tucked under his foreskin. From there, it is reported that police issued him a drug diversion notice but De Luca did not attend a treatment program due to his full-time job.

De Luca’s smuggling attempt left him with a fine of $1,000 and a good amount of embarrassment to live with. For the future, save yourself and our fellow law enforcement the embarrassment and don’t hide illegal items in your privates. It won’t be worth it when you get caught!