Warning Issued for Dangerously Strong Ecstacy Pills in Europe

The Loop is a charity that tests ecstasy pills at music festivals throughout summer. They’ve recently come up with a list of the top 10 strongest pills tested. They advise caution for anyone coming into contact with them.

Shown in a graphic on Twitter below, the harm reduction charity depicts images of each pill. Alongside each is information on the MDMA dosage.

Ranking first is the yellow and white Technogym branded tablets. They contain 330mg of MDA. The orange and white Sprite come next. Following behind is the blue Punisher, purple Audi and pink/ purple Skype pills. Each contain up to about 300 mg or more. Though we all know some batches some could go well beyond that.

Let’s follow their #harmreduction campaign. It is their mission, motto & our mantra. With each tablet containing two times the average adult dose, they advise to start low, and go slow.

More On The Loop

Fiona Measham started this organization to spearhead drug safety. She is a Durham University professor. Her main focus is to promote the safety of drug users, since the UK government continues to ignore that recreational drug use is a real part of society. I think that bodes for the entire dance music and festival community.

The Loop’s work informs, not scares; it’s positive impact is already showing improvement. As a trusted resource within the clubbing community, saves have actually been saved. Through onsite testing at music events, the charity gathers accurate, up-to-date information on substances. Tailor-made warnings are then issued for dangerous drugs in circulation.

While it seems like they are promoting safer drug use, they are also reducing crime. Identifying harmful drugs means identifying dealers who are misselling drugs onsite. Dangerous tablet cocktails mixed with anti-malaria or boric acid as cocaine happen. With less medical incidents and less pressure on hospital beds, it is a win-win.

As always, please look out for each other!