Apple Music Will Compile Your Top Songs, Albums, and Artists For 2019

With the end of the year quickly approaching, Apple Music has decided to compile your top music choices for 2019. By simply clicking here, you can see which songs you jammed out to the most, which artists you vibed with the most, and which albums took over your life.

This type of service isn’t anything new to the music world. Spotify has been analyzing our data for years and has also provided us with an end of year recap.

Apple Music has been making moves in the streaming industry. Earlier this year it was reported that they reached 60 million paying subscribers. That number tops Spotify’s paid subscribers in the U.S. However, Spotify still remains king in the overall international market in both paid and regular subscribers.

To give you the full spectrum of streaming services, it was reported back in July that Amazon Music was growing faster than both Apple Music and Spotify. Regardless of which service you use, I think we can all agree that we are happy we don’t need to buy individual songs anymore. And what is even better than that, is all the data they have on us. This allows them to provide us awesome year recaps of what we rocked out too all year long.