[WATCH] INSTA DJ Doc Explores Social Media in EDM Industry

Social media has not only changed the way we interact with other people, it’s also changed the way we consume and interact with music. It has also made an impact on artists in the music world. Pioneer decided to dive into how technology and social media has changed things throughout the years. “INSTA DJ” explores how things have changed through the perspectives of people from varying experiences.

There are undoubtedly massive pros and cons in the wake of these changes. “INSTA DJ” aims to report from a neutral stance and provide facts and information on both sides of the argument. Social media offers a close connection unlike anything before and also gives instant feedback. An artist can gain attention and hype through social media quickly. However, social media bring people stress in maintaining an online presence along with the small doses of dopamine it provides. Now, an artist’s personality is just as important as their music. Being on your phone at a show actually disconnects you from the moment although you’re recording the set. The times have changed and the rise of social media drastically changed the world of music.

Annie Mac details how the use of phones at one of her shows felt ‘invasive’ and distracted her. Social media users want to share their experiences and have people pay attention to their lives. As James Drummond (of Anglo Management) states, an event is ‘only good if there’s content to prove it happened.’ Social media and smartphones are helpful and convenient, but it’s important to use it in moderation and appropriately.

Watch “INSTA DJ” here:

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