Carl Cox Stops His Set to Break up a Fight

The techno legend Carl Cox had to interrupt his performance last weekend after he noticed a fight in the crowd. This happened on Saturday, September 21 in the Greek capital Athens. Cox was playing at Gazi Music Hall for Techniques festival.

The incident was caught on camera by someone from the crowd and shared on Youtube. In the almost-2-minutes video, we hear Carl Cox taking the mic after having stopped the music. You can clearly hear that the 57-year-old DJ was not having it and made sure to point it out.

“Stop this shit, it’s too fucking good in here right now for this aggression…So let’s stop now and I will continue, it’s not a problem”

Carl Cox – Techniques festival

The lights are turned on, and the Ibiza icon asks the fight to be taken outside.

“I won’t have it, I can’t see that. I’m too happy to see this shit. Take it outside, do it outside…we don’t need this shit inside”

Carl Cox – Techniques festival

1 minute and a half after taking the mic, Carl Cox asks repeatedly whether the fight is over. The answer is not clear in the video, but the British DJ ends-up asking to remove the fighter from the venue.

“Somebody throw the motherfuckers out. Please, throw them out. We don’t need it”

Carl Cox – Techniques festival