Tritonal Feat. Rosie Darling – Never Be the Same

Tritonal released their new song called ‘Never Be The Same‘, their tenth of the year. It follows this summer’s release U&ME, the American duo’s latest album.

They seem never to stop. Even while taking a break, Chad Cisneros and David Reed are still releasing music. Along with their YouTube video, the single is presented by Tritonal as “a natural outflow of us writing music from a completely authentic space. We feel this next chapter of Tritonal, may be one of the most exciting yet.”

After finishing our last album, we gave ourselves space. Space to reflect on all the music we’ve written over our career, space to enjoy the moment and space to really ask ourselves what we’d like to “Say” next. Quiet Reflection is often the mother of deep understanding. By getting quiet, we can begin to allow that inner stillness to speak.

As written on YouTube

It is a definite return towards a more progressive form of house, and bares similarities in style to their earlier works. This is especially true for the build-up and drop. The explosiveness of the synth meddled with sweet vocals their trademark, will make ears of fans tingle.

Rosie Darling is featured as vocalist. This is not her first time with Tritonal, having notably collaborated with them for ‘Diamonds‘ earlier this year. Her “dreamy” voice echoes along with the chords. What adds to the effect are those sequences, where her voice is isolated. It only adds to the emotional weight of the track.

In the end, ‘Never Be The Same‘ is definitely one of their better tracks.