Tchami – Rainforest (Valentino Khan Remix)

Following the original release, Tchami enlisted Valentino Khan to remix his track ‘Rainforest‘ on the CONFESSION imprint. Rising into prominence, the label has become a hot-spot for some of the best house music. On it, you’ll find music by the likes of Jay Dunham, KOOS, Nostalgix, Nitti Gritti and many more. Moreover, their Alchemy compilation, including the fifth installation, has already become a fan-favorite.

Immediately, Valentino Khan introduces his remix with a booming club rhythm, while keeping the backbone of the original track. The re-worked, dance-ready track falls into filtered vocals and light percussive elements. From there, the track peaks as the stabbing synth leads the infectious house tempo surrounding the track. In comparison to the original, it takes a completely different direction. Tchami’s original take was oriented on a Summery feeling , while this remix takes you directly into the night.

Culminating all his touring this year, Tchami doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. Recently, he’s been on a roll with the launch of REVELATIONS on SiriusXM, as well as his No Redemption shows alongside Malaa. You can catch where CONFESSION’s head will be playing in the link here. On the other end, you can also find Valentino Khan’s tour schedule and more on his website here.

Listen to Valentino Khan’s remix of Tchami ‘Rainforest’ on CONFESSION below!

Tchami – Rainforest (Valentino Khan Remix)

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